Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: How the permanently adolescent respond to criticism.

I've spent the last 2 evenings now on the receiving end of a deluge of angry, incoherent tweets from BIG BLUE WAVE's SUZANNE FORTIN, ranging from outright fabricated accusations of "outing", to adolescent namecalling, to playground taunts of "you have no honour" and "you're afraid".

What grievous offense prompted this obsessive, childlike tantrum, you might ask? I had the audacity to criticize her advocacy of discrimination against homosexuals. ...And (like most of this individual's followers /co-bloggers and netizens at large) I blog under a pseudonym. GASP! TEH HORROR! TEH COWARDICE! TEH LACK OF HONOUR!

That kind of inability to respond like an adult to criticism says a lot. It may help to provide some context to things like the 2007 Napean-Carlton election blowout (Warning: The above Wikipedia article was authored and edited by pseudonymous, cowardly 'fraidycats who have no honour).

Will the tantrum continue for a 3rd night in a row? Will it break the 500 tweet mark? Stay tuned!

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