Monday, December 13, 2010

Why is the GOP denying medical coverage to 9/11 responders?

...And better yet, why is the media giving them a free pass for doing so?

After wrapping itself in the trappings of 9/11 for so long, it's certainly interesting to see what the GOP does when push comes to shove.

If one were inclined to throw their own disingenuous rhetoric back in their faces, one might ask Republicans "why do they hate 9/11 heroes so much?" or "why have they chosen to stand with the terrorists instead of with the brave 9/11 responders?"...

If one were so inclined.


stageleft said...

The answer to that is simple, the GoP can blame Obama and, because people don't pay close attention, they can get away with that.

The GoP has said it wouldn't budge on any Obama legislation unless the Bush tax cuts are extended - and who doesn't like tax cuts even if those the poor and the working poor receive are negligible?

All the GoP has to say is "we're ensuring that your taxes don't go up and you get to keep more of your hard earned income" and the game is over because that's what voters really care about.

Beijing York said...

True enough stageleft, but what about all those patriots who get themselves in a lather about desecrating the Twin Towers ground zero site with an Islamic Centre in near proximity. Surely they must care about 9/11 heroes? Surely they must be rallying to help them get medical coverage? Crickets.

stageleft said...

Of course they (say they) care about those heros, and if only Obama would extend them tax cuts all will be well with the world.

The victims of 9/11, whether they be those who died in the attacks, as a result of the attacks, or emergency workers who suffer after the attacks, have become simple US political pawns used by both sides... nothing more.

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