Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You know what's like publishing of the location of Anne Frank and hidden Jews in the 1940s?

Assassination advocate Ezra Levant has the answer in an incredibly accurate, rational and apt analogy. (Hint: It starts with the letter "W" and rhymes with "ikileaks")

So there you have it: Ezra's not advocating that a citizen of another country be murdered, he's fronting a movement to deal with modern-day versions of Nazi collaborators! What a hero!

Unlike Flanagan, Ezra seems intent on doubling-down on his Assange assassination advocacy. While that might have the immediate effect of creating name recognition and free advertising for his recent book, I do wonder if there will be any unforeseen long-term costs: Bombast does have a karmic way of coming back to bite one in the ass.


The Mound of Sound said...

Why don't we just ignore that pathetic jackass?

Audrey II said...

Unfortunately, until the media stops providing him with the kind of attention that they give him, allowing his nonsense to go unchallenged creates the illusion of it enjoying some sort of widespread agreement or subscription.

Loudmouthed stupidity in the public square that's been unfortunately bestowed with a degree of credibility via the press requires a full-throated rejection in whatever areas of the public realm available to do so (IMHO).

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