Monday, January 3, 2011

Bachmann ironically illustrates the difference between left and right love of country.

Crooks and Liars has the video and some spot-on commentary from Talking Points Memo. Money quote:
"Burr is a great novel, and Bachmann's inability to cope with the fact that the "Founding Fathers" were very fallible human beings shows a lot about the broader Republican mindset. It also reminds me of something poignant another Minnesotan, now-Senator Al Franken, once wrote about the differences between a liberal's love of country and a conservative's love of country.

As Franken noted, liberals love America like adults love their parents, while conservatives love America like a four year-old loves his parents. Liberals love America, but can emotionally and intellectually recognize that America sometimes takes an errant path and try to get back on course. This is the same way an adult child loves a parent. Conservatives, on the other hand, think everything America does is right, just as a young child thinks everything Mommy does is right even if Mommy is acting unwisely. And a four year-old will punch you in the nose if you ever say anything bad about Mommy."
I don't think it's just conservatives in the U.S. that overwhelmingly display this childish conceptualization of patriotism and love for country. Canadian conservatives seem to suffer from the same developmental shortcoming. It also seems to me to be a large part of why both groups are such suckers for the kind of populist jingoism that Bachmann and Palin (& Rove / G.W. Bush) specialize(d) in.

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