Monday, January 31, 2011

Bitch Bronwyn, Bitch.

OH NOEZ!!! People at a dinner party were discussing the Tucson terrorism and had the audacity to criticize Tea Party rhetoric! America bashing is so "en vogue" these days!

Ironically, it's actually conservative faux victimhood / responding to legitimate criticism with dismissive whining about being persecuted that, despite having a long tradition, is seeing a populist resurgence these days, so much so that even most mainstream news organization now have to cater to it. FOX built an entire "news" network by employing the rhetorical technique, and Mrs Eyre's columns continue to provide illustrations of it in droves.

In fact, it was just a few weeks ago that Eyre had the gall or lack of self-awareness to attempt to cast Ann Coulter of radio and television infamy as a victim. *(note to Eyre and her Star Phoenix editor: you might want to get Ann's given name right next time)

Sorry, Bronwyn: The Tea Party isn't "America" no matter how often you make that particular Freudian slip, and the U.S. right has earned legitimate and pointed criticism, particularly with respect to its rhetoric. Playing that victim card isn't the least bit intellectually appealing or free-thinking, but rather the same tired old populist crap that conservatives have been repeating since Nixon turned it into a required conservative trait.

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Brian Busby said...

A ruined dinner party? For whom, I wonder. The host? The other guests? Certainly not. After all, there were "Nods of approval all around." Even Ms Eyre chose to nod.

That said, I expect she is talking about herself... except she did get a column out of the evening. Good on her! What's more, having stayed silent during the conversation, she has the opportunity to voice her opinion without having to concern herself with an exchange of ideas. And she gets to paint her fellow guests in the Star-Phoenix using the broadest brush available. Oh, they're all the same, really.

Then, after the silence, she thinks of something she might have said, adding, "I'll have to remember to bring that up at the next dinner party.

Given her faux pas, it may be some time before the columnist is invited to another.

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