Thursday, January 6, 2011

Despite the histrionic article title,...

... it's still legal to publicly be a homophobic bigot in the U.K..

Will this put any damper on Steyn's or Levant's chronic cases of the vapours? We report, you decide.

(h/t "Canadian Sentinel", who apparently couldn't be bothered to read further than the title of the article and completely missed the main thrust of the story. No word yet on whether he's returned from his fainting couch)


Balbulican said...

Steve McAllister has a knack for finding these things. The pattern is always the same.

a) Homophobic Christian activist disrupts event.
b) Activist is cautioned, refuses to leave.
c) Activist busted.
d) Professional Association of Christian Shit Disturbers picks up the case and distributes it as an egregious, unprovoked attack on Christianity.
e) WND reports it uncritically
f) Steve blogs it.

The best example was the time he breathlessly reported that an "innocent Christian" had been arrested "just for praying for the souls of homosexuals!!"

Turns out the party arrested was one of a group of four, all with prior charges for disturbi9ng the peace, who were "just praying" face down on the ground in front the state during a gay picnic in celebration, having refused to leave when asked by cops.

Audrey II said...

For an infinitely powerful and all knowing being, there sure seems to be a lot of disingenuity and deliberate misrepresentation going on on his/her behalf.

What's would god need with "Liars for Jesus"?

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