Friday, January 28, 2011

Freeper Friday : Obama staged the Tucson terrorism to frame the Tea Party... and more!

"My guess is “false flag” incident. The Kenyan will probably put forth the notion that her seat should be filled by appointment. If Brewer takes the bait, it will be pretty much the end of the House of Representatives and we will officially be in the land of banana republic.

Of course, that’s a conspiracy theory, and we all know, no one in Obama’s administration would sacrifice a wobbly blue-dog for power. I mean, that’s kookery.

The only acceptable explanation is that this is a right-winger Tea Party Extremist.

If that’s the prevailing explanation, they will use it to crack down on gun rights.

Regardless of who did it, the government will use it to take power away from you and further tighten your shackles. You are their slave. They’re getting to the point where the trappings of freedom and democracy are becoming less and less useful.

This incident will be used against you, the American slave, regardles of who did it or why.


Sixth Estate said...

"Of course, that’s a conspiracy theory."

Well, at least he knows that...

Audrey II said...

The sarcastic tone of that series of sentences suggests that the author even might disagree with that!

That's one of the things I love about the Freeper echo chamber is that it allows the batshitcraziness to come out without the kind of restraint or self-awareness that in more public and less ideologically radical & homogeneous settings might otherwise temper it.

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