Friday, January 7, 2011

Ladies'-Man-Extraordinaire Ronald E Williams asks some important questions about women and sports.

"If our great-grandmothers would arrive at a modern Christian school girls' basketball game, they would recoil in the horror as they would watch physically developed girls running around in brief outfits that expose their thighs and bouncing bosoms to the lustful eyes of any man wishing to look. Moreover, they would be shocked as they would see girls trying to "kill the opponent," yell, scream, fight, and in general, act in every way like a man.

Whatever happened to girls who studied to have a
servant spirit and to be quiet, meek, demure, and shame faced? How are we training our girls to be meek, quiet, and submissive wives by encouraging them to "win at all costs," knock over your opponent if necessary, be loud, froward, and physical, while being dressed immodestly and while acting in a very masculine manner?"
No word yet on whether the clearly in-demand Mr. Ronald E. Williams is still available for the right "quiet, meek, demure, and shame faced" woman out there!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Sarah Palin was asking herself the exact same thing back in the days she was "Barracuda".

Audrey II said...

For some odd reason, I have a feeling Mr. Williams would be willing to exempt Sarah Palin from his criticism.

...Something about Reagan's 11th Commandment.

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