Monday, January 24, 2011

"Moran" Monday.

As a new regular feature here at ETP, we're devoting Mondays to drawing attention to the utter idiocy of today's extremist "TeaParty" movement.

To get things rolling, (courtesy of Wonkette) we present the tailgate of some Teabagger's pickup. My personal favorite is the "It's time to play Cowboys and Muslims" sticker. Nothing like advertising overt religious bigotry and hatred with a little eliminationism tossed in for fun!

Stay tuned here on Monday mornings for more head-slappingly idiotic antics from America's incoherent, but conservative fledgling political movement!


Kev said...

Speaking of bumper stickers I saw one a while ago that said

TEA PARTIES,are for little girls with imaginary friends... or morons who didn't realize they got a tax cut

Audrey II said...

Nice. I'd love one of those for my scrapbook. It'd also make for a great blog badge.

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