Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Patrick Ross Watch!

I meant to post this on the 23rd and forgot:

It's now been 60+ days since this court finding of defamation and order was reportedly issued.

You be the judge of whether it's been complied with.

Check back here next month for an update!


Kev said...

While many of those accused of conspiracy for their dissent of the G20's neoliberal agenda are banned from the internet as condition of bail this moron is free to pollute the intertubes with his vile garbage.

We do indeed live in a topsy turvy world

Zorpheous said...

Paddy-Boy, oh Paddy-Boy
how fat is your wallet?
Hopefully fatter than your head

Audrey II said...

Kev, It does indeed sometimes seem like there is no real justice. Although in this one particular case, maybe things will turn out the way they should. People can't shirk legal responsibility forever.

Audrey II said...

Zorpheous: For all his bluster, it would seem that "Kid Cash" may need every penny he's got access to to pay what appears to be a hefty legal penalty for what he chose to post.

Sparky said...

(my wife was still logged into google--deleted that post above)

Well, as the old idiom goes, give someone enuf rope...

It could have been scripted beforehand. One not need a crystal ball to see this one coming a mile away. And he'll continue to bloviate, obfuscate and not learn a thing from any of this.

The bitch of it is, if it were anyone else I'd almost have sympathy--he beat every bit of that out of me with his enormous ego and huge yip.

Well, now, as with all related stories, in the end the court jester is thrown out of the castle gates, with the weeping and gnashing of teeth--friendless and without anyone to turn to.
I quote PR again--for truer words have not been spoken--

"The state of the Canadian blogosphere is: remarkably peaceful.

And it's much better off that way.
But other than that, since the Canadian blogosphere's resident sociopath decided to go on "hiatus", things have been remarkably peaceful in the Canadian blogosphere."
Other remarkably-uninfluential asshats continue to flail away at the ideologically-unsoothing march of reality."

Thanks for once again showing a complete lack of self-awareness, Patrick. You're truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Triangle much?

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