Thursday, January 20, 2011

The question no "pro-abort" can answer.

Just another illustration of the kind of dishonest nonsense that anti-abortion activists put out. Not only does the author resurrect anti-abortion activisists favorite strawman repeatedly ("pro-abort"?), but Paul Tuns also notes in his second sentence that the pro-choice movement actually does have an answer to his question!

Pro-choice advocate oppose "crisis centers" because of their history of lying and emotionally preying on women who are seeking help, and who make efforts in multiple realms to deny women the ability to make choices regarding their bodies.

That's certainly not to say that there are some anti-abortion advocates out there who take their personal intellectual integrity seriously and attempt to limit their activism to honest and logically coherent arguments. But here, as is too often the case with the anti-abortion movement, it's once again 'Facts be damned! Full-rhetoric ahead!'.

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