Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Sarah

Looks like Palin's attempt to make herself a victim of the Tucson terrorist attack isn't panning out well for 'Lil Miss "Don't retreat, reload".

Has the US public finally tired of her overplaying of the populist victim card? While it yielded short-term success for Nixon, his one-trick-pony-show dependence on it wound up being his downfall. Hopefully it winds up being the same for the quitter from Wasilla.

Well I'm at it, hopefully Canada might similarly wise up to Stevie's over-dependence on his disingenuous "Coalition" exploitation of populist ignorance soon!

UPDATE: Our friends over at Dammit Janet! have dug up some hilarious National Enquirer gossip on the failed-governor-turned-facebook-queen, prompting some interesting discussion about the GOP's "Palin Problem", that being the stark difference between Palin's ability to win in a primary and her dismal chances in a general election.

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