Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Speaking of blog-scrubbing...

... I wonder how many Catholic bloggers are now scanning their archives for any derision of subscription to the Big Bang theory.

That sound you may have just heard was the shrinking (again) of an apparently omnipotent being into a ever decreasing gap.


Malcolm+ said...

Come now, Audrey. You're confusing mainstream western religion with the obscure evangelical sects that dominate public discourse in our southern neighbour. I doubt very much that, scrub or no scrub, you'd find any mainstream Roman Catholic blogger dissing the Big Bang Theory - unless it was someone who thinks Leonard and Penny shouldn't have been sleeping together.

Audrey II said...

Malcolm: My browsing of blogs devoted to Catholicism is oriented towards entertainment, and as such, include mostly young-earth creationists and evolution deniers.

I don't for one moment think that these kinds of people are representative of "mainstream western religion", and didn't intend to convey that kind of conflation in my post. They do, however, illustrate the dissonance inherent to "papal infallibility" and the unwarranted merit conservatives place on all things yesteryear.

If I ever do intend the scope of a criticism that I make to be as wide as all of "mainstream western religion", I'll be sure to specify that goal. ;)

liberal supporter said...

Do Catholics even realize what a joke they are?...hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!

Audrey II said...

@ liberal supporter : I don't think "Catholics" are a joke, but I do think some of the things that some Catholics do in the name of their faith are pretty ridiculous.

In that respect, they don't differ much from extremist evangelicals of all religious stripes who are not content to simply believe, but feel the compunction to force everyone else to be at the whims of their beliefs.

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