Friday, January 7, 2011

Stop the homosexualist agenda by boycotting fast food!

"We have to get working. We would like to make the first effort against McDonald's, take away 50% or better of their business across the country until such time as they apologize for the comments they have made against those that oppose homosexuality, leave the homosexual chamber of commerce, and make it their policy that open homosexuality is not acceptable in their operation. As long as the homosexual doesn't tell and doesn't ask they would be welcome as employees. But if they are bothering other employees and customers they would not be, and McDonald's would reserve the right to dismiss them.

God does not think this is an unreasonable goal. The pro gay forces say they can't be stopped, boycotts won't work because people support them. We must prove them wrong! God wants you to lead in this effort."
Double the bigotry, half the calories, and all the brilliance of original wingnuttery!

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Kev said...

Thank god I'm an Atheist, I'd hate to hafta give up my monthly Mac fix

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