Sunday, January 30, 2011

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*Because reality has a "liberal bias"

Incest in the Garden of Eden

I love the commentary suggesting that the word "incest" shouldn't be used, not on accuracy grounds but because of the connotations it carries.

The Garden of Eden apparently is like Las Vegas: You just don't talk about what allegedly went on there!


Sixth Estate said...

From the comments: "Using "incest" in this case presumes that it was at the time improper for brother and sister to marry, but this is a case of applying today's standards to the time, and there is good reason for thinking that it was okay at the time. "

Interestingly, this same crowd is usually very happy to work in reverse and claim that we should apply the moral standards of an ancient patriarchal tribe to all our actions today.

Audrey II said...

Sixth Estate: I'm always surprised at the number of SoCons that will rant and rave about the evil of "postmodern relativism", and yet turn around in the next breath and engage it in quite willingly themselves when it comes to justifying some of the more odious biblical norms.

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