Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"The well-lubricated beginning of the slippery slope down to plural marriage... of multiple men to multiple men!"

Who knew that same-sex marriage had that kind of (albeit fallacious) power, let alone that the above double entendre would grace the HTML code of "Grace Centered Christian Forums"? (h/t FSTDT)

Mark at "Slap Upside The Head" artistically provides a concise, spot-on response to this tired, old bit of absurdity.

Don't the mouthbreathers making this idiotic argument get that it is the exact same nonsense that was raised as an objection to non-arranged marriages, marriages outside of one's clan, Marriages outside of one's nationality, interracial marriage, etc.? ...And that its idiotic prediction has failed to come to fruition in each of the instances it's been made?

On a slightly related note: U.S. Conservative Republican and ex-Congressman Rick "Man-on-dog marriage" Santorum is considering a Presidential run.

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