Saturday, January 8, 2011

What are Sharron Angle's thoughts on Giffords terrorist attack?

More specifically, what are Ms. Angle and her cheerleading gaggle of Teabaggers thinking about their "Second Amendment remedies" rhetoric right now?

...And on that note, might Mrs. Palin be reconsidering her own not-too-subtle dog-whistle eliminationist garbage? (see right for one example)

Given the kind of self-awareness that the new breed of GOP/TeaParty politicians have shown, there won't be one moments pause to re-think the effects of the populist rhetoric they've been using to rile up their base, and not only will the show go on, but they'll cry about being the victim of bias and persecution in response to attention being drawn to their words.

Update: Over at Buckdog, they've posted what's aptly described as an "eerily prophetic" video of Gabrielle Giffords talking about being in Sarah Palin's "crosshairs".

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