Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What is it about the conservative mind...

... that seems to find the ridiculous 'Ha! A gun crime happened, despite there being gun laws!' argument even the slightest bit compelling?

...Or for that matter, isn't the least bit embarrassed to repeatedly field it?


Robert McClelland said...

The response to this sort of nonsense is; a murder occurred despite there being laws against murder. I've thrown that one back at these imbeciles and it causes them to meltdown.

Audrey II said...

The lack of logic that leads them to conclude that the above idiocy is somehow an intelligent argument also seems to get in the way of recognizing the self-evident.

The typical response then is for them to take another swing at their straw-stuffed cadaver: "But I thought gun laws were supposed to put a stop these sorts of things!"

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