Monday, February 28, 2011

Best 70 "Walk For Choice" signs.

Yes, it might be hard to believe, but the Teabagger/Republican movement is desperately attempting to roll-back Womens' rights in the U.S. to the Bronze Age. What's even harder to fathom is they've enjoyed some success and support. I know... What year is it again?

Anyway, this last weekend saw the "Walk for Choice", an event organized to bring people out in support of women's health rights. Matt Stopera at "Buzzfeed" has been nice enough to compile this collection of some of the more attention-grabbing protest signs sported at the event.


Zorpheous said...

Abortions for Some
Miniature American Flags for Others


Audrey II said...

Yup. That one got a snicker out of me too!

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