Friday, February 25, 2011

Freeper Friday*: What bronze-age bigotry?

"Most dads would rather be told they have terminal cancer than have their son tell them he is gay, particularly if it is your only son. Coming out of the closet is a selfish act. It turns your problem into your family’s problem and forces everyone around you to live a lie. I have seen this destroy families. If you are gay, stay in the closet."

*Many thanks to the fine conservative commentators over at for providing an never-ending source of entertainment!


stageleft said...

It's really quite sad, I have a friend (who equally sadly seems to be becoming less and less reasonable about a growing number of things as he grows older) who was worried that his son might be gay because at the age of 13 he still hadn't exhibited any real interest in girls.

-- poor guy, he was really quite disturbed about it.

Audrey II said...

Poor kid, too! Dad's worrying because you might have caught teh gay? Not good.

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