Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In defense of slavery: it was like being a college student, "mooching off your parents"

This is what happens when one put their subscription to a belief system first, and then backwardly has to try to make the facts justify it; they'll go to absurd lengths to absolve their belief system and the historical atrocities done in the name of that belief.

Even worse than his ridiculous college-student analogy is Crowder's claim that as long as slavery isn't race-based, it's not so bad. Not only is that historically ridiculous (as a lot of the slavery that existed in biblical times was subject to clan, tribe or other ancestral factors), but it's also ridiculous to suggest that somehow mitigates the disgusting treatment of the poor or destitute as commodities.

There's a case to be made that the rules the bible outlined somewhat mitigated and lessened some of the more horrible aspects of slavery. But it's just plain dishonest to compare being a slave at any point in time to being a "college student" of today or to minimize the affront to human rights it is/was to treat the poor like chattel.

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