Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Is Planned Parenthood the Right's next ACORN"?

David Safier of the Tucson Citizen points out the obvious similarities between the latest effort by Lila Rose / LiveActionFilms and Andrew Breitbart's dishonest smear-job on ACORN.

The western political right has quickly learned that truth is often slower than hysterical lies, particularly in an atmosphere where ideological "balance" is prized more than accuracy, and has increasingly been exploiting this. The actual facts about the dishonest editing / misleading portrayal that O'Keefe and Breitbart pulled off against ACORN didn't come out quickly enough to mitigate the devastating damage that was done to the organization, resulting it its folding. It again held true for the Shirley Sherrod incident, although since there was just a single individual involved, the damages were able to be sufficiently mitigated and redressed.

With one scalp and a goodly lot of understanding of how susceptible the FOX News/Talk Radio audience is to the right's new "investigative journalism", they're simply following the same dishonest course and hoping for a similar result. Sick, sad, and revoltingly revealing.

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