Friday, February 11, 2011

Y2Koran*: OH NOEZ!!1! Some Muslims in Canada want public schooling 2 conform 2 their religious beliefs!

...Because it's not like segments of any other religions ever do that kind of thing.

(h/t Canadian Cynic)

*For those who don't catch the allusion


Zorpheous said...

I can't decide if Ezra looks like a gay man or a butch lezbo,... either way he's scary to look at

KC said...

Muslims certainly aren't unique in this demand. Doesn't mean that its a legitimate demand for any religious group.

Kev said...

Ya know,Audrey, you sure are a brave soul,daring to go where most would not, that parallel dimension where up is down and good is evil. Risking all to do battle with it's evil inhabitants such as the Banshee Queen Ezra.

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