Friday, March 18, 2011

Freeper Friday*: Atheism is part of the Islamofascist conspiracy to rule the world.

"...would not be surprised if the funding for the militant Athiest movement came from Saudi Arabia. Direct conversion from Christianity to Islam is very rare. But its much easier to conver to Islam if you believe in nothing first. Atheism is just a way station to Islam."

*Many thanks to the conservative commentators over at for providing an never-ending source of entertainment!


rww said...

Yes because the best way to get people to change religions is to convince them that there is no god.

Audrey II said...

It's funny, but this is hardly the first time I've come across that kind of absurd "reasoning". I remember talking with an evangelical on a board somewhere that insisted that people are inherently Christian, and that any non-christian belief (or lack thereof) was not only unnatural, but a gateway to satanism that started with atheism/agnosticism and made a shortcut through Islamic fundamentalism. It was so bizarre I thought for sure that the guy was joking at first, but he apparently works for some Evangelical ministry in Florida

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