Saturday, March 26, 2011

Harper meets with Governor General, fails Political Studies 101.

"Emerging from his meeting with Gov. Gen. David Johnston at Rideau Hall, Harper said Canadians will make a choice next month between a "stable, national majority government" or a "reckless coalition" led by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff."

No, Mr. Harper... That's not how Canadian governance works. Canadian elections aren't dichotomies like that, and that's not the decision that Canadians face.

Maybe that kind of scaremongering worked for Harper before, but in the aftermath of his party's past dishonest whining about potential coalition governance, many Canadians have likely brushed up on their basic civics, and should be quite aware that Mr. Harper's above claim is a cynical effort to exploit what he must see as an ignorant and know-nothing electorate. Treating Canadians as though they don't know the basics of their form of government might work in the short run, but isn't tenable over the long-term, and will hopefully come back to give Mr. Harper some well-earned political karmic payback.

Ironically, if Mr. Harper's party doesn't win a majority, does the above nonsense mean that he's conceding parliamentary confidence to a coalition? Will anyone ask him about it?


Kev said...

The question I have is, can Harper survive as party leader absent a majority?

Audrey II said...

And I think that's a really interesting question, Kev! On one hand, Harper's merry band of machiavellians should be more than content to continue to hang on to whatever power it can, given the number of years it spent in the political dark. On the other, there's the power-hungry angry soc-con part of his base that's still flipping their lid that Harper hasn't dragged Canadian law all the way back to Moses' time who are starting to make noise about taking their ball (and votes) and going home. Who knows how successful the CPC's effort to keep this unholy alliance together for more will be? Your guess is probably as good or better than mine!

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