Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bitch Bronwyn, Bitch: More Nixonian populist pablum.

Another day, another radical right-winger in the media echoing the ghost of Nixon and whining about the media's failure to uncritically carry conservative talk-points and how it evidences bias.

The main thrust of this weeks rambling rant from Mrs. Eyre was the 'insufficient' coverage the media has given to Layton's debate "knockout punch" on Ignatieff (Eyre's characterization, not mine) in favor of Harper's performance. Because as we all know, one-liners (however apt and appropriate they might be) are substantially more important to an informed electorate than aggregate coverage of the entire debate and the trends that it showed.

I've lost track now of how many time Mrs. Eyre has used her regular space in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix to bemoan the absence of Ezra Levant's outlandish claims being given coverage or of how the media's failure to pretend that truth somehow happens to lie on a midpoint between partisan positions shows bias. Ironically, not only does Eyre share a prominent regular 3rd page column spot in the Star Phoenix with failed-Conservative-politician-turned-radical-right-wing-radio-talkshow-host John Gormley, but no comparable progressive counter-voices exist in their own publication. On top of that, FOX News continues (despite its overt conservative agenda) to dominate in ratings south of the border, and in this day and age of internet media, flex its influence north of '49 as well.

...May the disingenuous and routine playing of the populist faux-persecution card work out as well in the long term for Eyre, Gormley & their confederates as it did for Nixon.

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