Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Ethics and Elections"

Yesterday's StarPhoenix carried a column by Murray Mandryk (who is hit-and-miss, but more often the former) that had some astute observations on the role ethics could play in Saskatchewan during this federal election.

"the unwillingness of Harper to even utter Guergis's name - let alone offer her an apology - does raise questions about ethics and the prime minister's willingness to do the right thing. Add the growing litany of less-than-honest admissions from Harper on everything from his eagerness to form a coalition in 2004 to the ethics issues that have forced this election, and one starts to wonder if ethics issues do start to come into play in Saskatchewan."
Mandryk is rightfully dubious about this sort of thing having a major effect on the eventual lean of the Saskatchewanian contingent in federal parliament, but 's also correct to note that the kind of ethical malfeasance of the current Tory government prompting major shifts in voting patterns it isn't unheard of in Saskatchewan's electoral history.

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