Friday, April 8, 2011

Freeper Friday*: "Sodomy Nazis" & more!

"Sodomy nazis invented the word “homophobe” to disparage and prevent rational thinking on same-sex attraction disorder.

What sodomites really want in our society is affirmation—enthusiastic endorsement—and they don’t care if it comes at the point of a gun. There is a reason that they seem compelled to broadcast their practice of sodomy to the entire world, with stickers, flags, marches, indoctrination of children, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. It’s not about rights: that’s just boob-bait for liberal bubbas. What they really want is for every single human being to applaud, pat them on the back, and tell them how strong and great they are for being sodomites, whenever and wherever they prance in and commence to swan about. They want to thrust their perversion into the face of each individual resident of planet Earth, and be met with nothing but compliments and homage. Not even that will make them happy, though, as they’ll still have to deal with their awareness of the disordered nature of their behavior."
Gotta love that conservative grasp on reality!

*Many thanks to the fine conservative commentators over at for providing an never-ending source of entertainment!

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