Thursday, April 28, 2011

John Gormley echos disingenuous CPC rhetoric on coalition governance.

Failed-conservative-politician turned radical-right-wing-radio-host used his regular column space in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix a few days ago to (surprise, surprise!) regurgitate Stephen Harper's 'coalition with separatists' rhetoric.

The problem with cynically exploiting ignorance over Canadian parliamentary governance is that it becomes less successful over time. People brush up on their civics. People learn that Harper himself proposed a minority coalition. People become familiar with Canada's parliamentary system that requires confidence of the House of Commons to pass legislature, which means that minority governments must necessarily garner the confidence and support of the various parties involved, including the Bloc.

As someone with a background in politics, John should know better, raising the question: Is reprinting CPC propaganda verbatim a lucrative prospect, or does John just do it for free?

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