Monday, April 18, 2011

Moran Monday (Maple Syrup Edition) *: Conservative Party of Canada now running Teabaggers as candidates?

Wally Daudrich:
Favorite Movie: "Red Dawn"

Interests include: "Teaparty", "Tea Party of Canada", & denouncing Obama as the worst US President in history (Something that should prove immensely helpful to a Harper government in fostering US/Canada relations).

Favorite Television: FOX News (which can only bolster Mr. Daudrich's credentials as being an informed politician.)
Be sure to check out the link to Mr. Daudrich's facebook page at the link above, as it's filled with all kinds of goodies!

It doesn't take much searching to find the radicalism that still thrives within the Reform/Alliance/Conservative Party of Canada.

(h/t BigCityLib, amongst many others in the Canadian progressive blogosphere!)

*We're devoting space each Monday to documenting Teabagger idiocy. Stay tuned for more head-slappingly idiotic antics from America's incoherent, but conservative fledgling political movement!

EDIT: Welcome "Assholery" reader(s? So far, we've had only one with a quite familiar Alberta IP address.)! Please take a few seconds to note that the whining that sent you here is over something very different than what's posted above. I encourage those of you with intellectual integrity and an interest in honesty to return to the page that you came from and draw attention to the disingenuous guilt-by-association the proprietor of that website has engaged in. We here simply noted the Teabag-ish radicalism of Mr. Daudrich's facebook page, and did not made the claims the self-professed "asshole" who sent you here desperately hopes you're dumb enough to confuse with the above. Maybe it's time you took him to task for treating you as though you're not smart enough to know the difference.

You might also want to check out the "Assholery Free Blog" badge on the left sidebar, as this kind of thing has been going on for far too long, and it might provide some context to any self-unaware boasting about having been banned from commenting at many Canadian political blogs.


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Patrick Ross said...
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Some things never change. Cheers, Pat!

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