Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Right Girl Gone AWOL?

We went to check in on the infamous Canadian blogging conservative "injun" (her choice of word) hater and received the 404-not found error.

Minor glitch? Server problems? Is Wendy back in rehab?

Whatever the reason, we here at ETP wish Ms. Sullivan well and hope she returns to the blogosphere soon, as her bigotry, racism and anger was a source of comedy that will be missed here.


thwap said...

I hope she's okay too, but i'm not sure the mental pollution of her blogging is less than her entertainment value.

sassy said...

Well, at least Google remembers her

Audrey II said...

Ah, yes... google cache. What would we do without you?

Now that Wendy's site-'O-hate is down, I wonder how many broken links I have in old posts!

Gotta agree with you, Thwap. Difficult to say whether the comedic value of her site outweighed the stench.

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