Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Evolution Syndrome

"Evolution syndrome is the tendency of some people to insist compulsively that human evolution from animals must somehow be true, and to spend nearly all of their time pushing that belief on others. It is reflected on the Internet by people who devote over 90% of their edits and postings to pushing their belief in evolution and insisting on censoring alternative views of the issue. They are particularly against teaching any alternative theories to children in school. A childish insistence on last wordism is a common characteristic of evolution syndrome.

Evolution syndrome particularly afflicts people who have some educational background without having the intellectual depth of more accomplished peers. Evolution syndrome can be seen on wikis, Usenet groups, faculty positions below full professorships, and some less selective doctoral programs.

There is a high incidence of atheism among this group and indeed, most atheists suffer from evolution syndrome.

Keeping an open mind, not obsessing about one's own views and avoiding the insistence that others should share his/her view is the key to avoid suffering from evolution syndrome.

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Niles said...

Theocratic cuckolding. The tendency to appropriate scientific phraseology as self-authorizing 'patter' to make wish fulfillment sound highly educated and sophisticated (in the original sense of the word). Often accompanied by being unable to recognize one's self in the mirror and inevitable attempts to assault the 'stranger'.

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