Friday, April 8, 2011

"Tories vow to eliminate the deficit early"

"The Conservatives promise to eliminate the deficit faster than they previously projected and push their tough-on-crime agenda and previously announced support for families and businesses, as the party releases its election platform Friday in Mississauga, Ont."

Excuse me... What deficit? The one Harper and his party promised prior to the last election that they would not run?

The CPC's newest bit of election rhetoric needs to have its knees clipped out from underneath it right from the start: Every deficit-elimination promise needs to be followed up with a reminder that this is the same party who promised Canadians prior to the 2008 election that it would not run a deficit and whose fiscal irresponsibility created the very thing that they're now promising to deal with.

Next in the news, man who was elected town fire chief after promising to eliminate arson lights neighbours' house on fire, and offers to owners to put it out if they'll vote for his re-election.

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