Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Conservapedia*

*Because reality has a "liberal bias"


"There is the set of unborn children who were aborted, about which striking conclusions can be drawn. Given the large and diverse number of elements of this set, it would likely include many who could surpass existing athletic and intellectual achievements. Indeed, many of the world records and Nobel Prize achievements recognized today would have been outdone by members of this set. "

The "potential people" argument has got to be one of the dumber propositions that the anti-abortion crowd clings to, yet they bring it up with surprising regularity as though they find it some sort of brilliant bit of reasoning. How revealing.

One wonders how many "world records and Nobel Prize achievements recognized today" would have been "outdone by members of the set" of "people" that Andy Schlafly has denied existence to by spending time writing idiotic Conservapedia entries that he could have spent reproducing. Probably none, given the Andy's displayed aptitudes, but the thought exercise is amusing nonetheless.

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