Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Twitter Tuesday: Doubling-down on Santorum's "Man-on-dog" slippery slope.

The blogger previously known as ALL-CAPS SUZANNE FORTIN (but who you cannot refer to by name now, lest she throw a twitter tantrum over it) has once again unwittingly illustrated the conservative tendency to reject reason and logic as relevant to morals.

Echoing the Catholic Church's ridiculous efforts to blame its problems with abuse on TEH GAYZ, Ms. Fortin brilliantly argues that if one "loses the sense of sin for some sins", that it leads to "losing it for a wider range of sins". She uses this to support her rejection of "tolerance" for homosexuality and abortion.

What SUZY ALL-CAPS doesn't seem to realize is, just like Santorum's infamous man-on-dog slippery slope, this kind of thing shows yet again how many conservatives reject having logic and reason inform their morality in favor of a childish "what does my handbook say" approach to ethics.

The slippery-slope is considered logically fallacious for a reason, and it's been employed by conservatives laughingly throughout history to oppose non-arranged marriages, interfaith marriages and interracial marriages. Of course un-arranged marriages and interracial marriages didn't lead to man-on-dog marriages, as acceptance of homosexuality didn't lead to Catholic authorities sexually abusing children. And yet despite this dismal track record of being on the wrong side of history and enlightenment, conservatives like Suzanne Fortin and Rick Santorum unabashedly trot out the same nonsensical argument to justify their current ethical positions.

Moral frameworks and ethical conclusions that are, by design, uninformed by reason and logic are by definition illogical and irrational. Plato did a good job of pointing out this problem with Divine Command as a ethical framework in his "Euthyphro" dialogue. But one doesn't need to be a consumer of Plato or a student of ethical theory to understand the problem with moral decisions that are insulated from reason and logic. Yet this approach to morality continues to ironically be the basis for conservative ethical position after position.

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Once again, that woman gets lost on her way home from mars.

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