Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anglican Same-Sex Blessings.

Anglican churches in Nova Scotia and P.E.I. will now apparently have the individual autonomy to choose to bless same-sex marriages.

A tiny step to be certain, but at least it's one in the right direction.

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Audrey II said...

For some reason, blogger isn't letting regular (and highly valued!)commenter "Malcolm" post a reply. He was gracious enough to send me the following reply:

"All of the largest dioceses in the Canadian church (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, NSPEI, New Westminster [lower mainland], Niagara, British Columbia [Vancouver Island] and I think I'm missing one) have done the same. rather expect all heck to break loose at the next General Synod in 2013.

It also plays havoc with the Archbishop of Canterbury's agenda of imposing a new centralized authority on international Anglicanism in order to prevent both the blessing of same sex unions and the ordination of partnered gay bishops."

I really hope that blogger resolves the posting/replying issue soon, as I really appreciate informative replies like Malcolm's above.

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