Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Sarah: Revisionist Revere and The Nuclear Threshold.

Half-term governor turned facebookin' an' tweetin' an' reality teevee-in' star Sarah Palin once again found herself being set up by the "lamestream media" when some reporter asked her (I shit you not) the "gotcha question" of what she learned during her visit to Paul Revere's house.

What the "librul state-run-media" apparently just does not get is that Palin is so brilliant, she's actually ahead of the curve, understanding history in such rich detail that even wikipedia needs Palin's fans to help revise it to keep up with her unparalleled brilliance.

And in additional you-betcha-darned-tootin' news, I find myself in the uncomfortable position of having been echoed by (of all people) George Will on "Meet The Press" a few weeks ago. I've long pointed to Palin's threat assessment skills (remember when David Letterman constituted a real, physical, pedophilic threat to her daughter?) as one of the reasons why she should be kept as far away as possible from having control of nuclear weapons. Surprise, surprise... even hardcore conservatives like George Will have a difficult time swallowing the idea of Palin being in command of the greatest nuclear arsenal on the planet.

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